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Settle the World is a turn-based building and trading game with a focus on local multiplayer (up to four players on one Amiga computer).

You will have to found settlements, build roads, establish trade relations with your fellow player, explore the map and sometimes send soldiers to war.

The new -River Update- brings a lot of changes and improvements, especially for the early game.

Settle the World was my submission to the Amiga BlitzBasic Jam 2022 and made the third place.

You can watch a "Tutorial" for the beginning of the game here (slightly outdated but still usefull):

If you like, you can join our Discord for the game and follow the development and updates there. Of course, you can discuss there and I'm also happy to answer questions about the game.


The game is still in development and many important core elements of the game concept are still missing.

For example, citizen happiness currently has no effect at all on gameplay. However, this is an important element to make the game challenging later on, especially in single player mode.

--> For further information please refer to the attached ReadMe file.

The game is developed for OCS/ECS PAL Amiga computers with at least :

  • 1 MB Chip-RAM
  • 4 MB Fast-RAM
  • A hard disk drive
  • 68020 CPU or better
  • Kick-ROM 3.x (testet with 3.1 and 3.1.2)

2 MB Chip-RAM is recommended. With only 1 MB Chip-RAM, graphics that are not relevant to the gameplay will be hidden.

Settle the World is currently still in development.

  • Game content can change at any time
  • There are only a few sound effects at the moment. 

You can use load Save Slot 1 to continue an advanced save game to test the game.

The game is not bugfree.
If you have colonists in your city that are not working even though they are assigned to a job, or are suddenly multiple, please save and reload the game. These errors should then be gone.

Copyright 2022 Christian Wiegel
Licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


SettleTheWorld.lha 1 MB

Install instructions

Workbench 3.x

  • Make sure your Amiga has at least 1 MB ChipRAM and 4 MB FastRAM
  • Transfer the settletheworld.lha file to your Amiga computer
  • Extract the LHA file to any folder you like
  • Please note the ReadMe and the License file
  • Stop any USB or Network stack
  • Start the game with double click on the SettleTheWorld icon
  • or run the game from shell change to your Settle the World folder, type settletheworld and press Return

For WinUAE or other emulators please use cycle exact setting to prevent graphics and music problems.

Development log