Development versions available for download

As announced, I will be making the current development version of Settle the World available for download at non-regular intervals from now on.

Development versions available for download are always labelled in the following format and can be downloaded from the project page:
SettleTheWorld.lha (16.11.2023 Dev Version)
SettleTheWorld.hdf (16.11.2023 Dev Version)

These versions are NOT "official updates".
Please do not use development versions to write a review / test, or to publicly rate the game on this basis.

They are less tested development versions that contain many unfinished functions.
These development versions are for testing and to try out new features.

Settle the World is becoming more and more complex and time-consuming to test, I can no longer manage this on my own.

Errors may occur, the game or the Amiga may crash. Loading/saving game saves can also be faulty in some cases.
The save format often changes with new development versions, so that existing savegames can no longer be loaded.

If you always want to try out the latest new features of Settle the World, please test these development versions.

I look forward to any feedback, ideas or bug reports on our Discord:

What major changes does the current development version contain?

  • In the cities you can now set what should happen when the food/grain storage is full. Either the city grows, or the city gets a new colonist who can be used as a worker, pioneer or soldier.

  • Native tribes are built in very rudimentarily. The interaction possibilities with them are still extremely limited.
  • The main purpose of the tribes is to make the game more interesting and challenging for individual players.

  • You can use the magnifying glass to click on an native village and find out your relationship to this tribe.

  • You can send unskilled colonists to each village once so that they can learn something from the natives (provided your relations with this tribe are good enough).

  • Land belonging to a tribe cannot be farmed or built on unless it has been bought or taken from the natives.

  • If you attack a village with a military unit, it will be removed from the map on request and the relationship with the tribe will be set to "War".

The whole part with the natives is still a work in progress....but it's a start :-)


SettleTheWorld.lha (22.11.2023 Dev Version) 3 MB
Nov 22, 2023
SettleTheWorld.hdf (22.11.2023 Dev Version) 16 MB
Nov 22, 2023

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Looks very interesting like civ 1