Settle the World - Change-Log

*** Settle the World - Changelog ***

An Amiga game by Christian Wiegel (TheoTheoderich)

Created 2022 for the BlitzBasic-Jam.



- Support for other languages. A German translation is roughly half finished (e.g. no helping pages etc.).

- A saved game now contains information about the game build it was saved with. With this i am able to create a

  "save file" converter if i have to change the save file format again.

- Sound: Crowed is cheering when building a new city.

- Shortcuts to move to your next / previous city and to enter the selected city.

- Added some more shortcuts.

- Save-File check after saving the game to make sure the file is not empty.

- Combat: Very basic naval battles.

- Combat: A sunk ship will dump its cargo into the water.

- Ship-repairs. Ships will automaticaly be repaired while staying in a city if the city has at least docks.
  Shipyards reduce the required repair time significantly.


- Type of unit tools variable from .b to .w to support more than 127 tools for a unit. This is needed for naval combat.

- Old save files are not compatible due the listed changes. Sorry for that.

- Combat: Reduced view range for artillery and damaged artillery by one tile.

- Combat: Mounted units does not get an attack-bonus when attacking an unit which is located in difficult terrain (eg. forest, mountains).

- Deco-Sprites (Seagulls) now disapears, if a message-box is shown on the map-screen.

- After landfall units can still move (speeds up gameplay a bit).

- HUD: Unit HUD will only be updated if the unit changed or if an update is "forced" (e.g. pioneer used its tools, ship unloads units).

- Pioneers can build cities without consuming tools. Before it was possible to get into a dead end with no chance to get any tools.

- Tiles near a city with a plowed field or a road will give +2 resource instead of +1 to speed up the gameplay.


- Wrong graphics for veteran dragoons.

- Combat: A warship could capture a tradeship. Only combat land units can capture other non-combat land units.

- Land units could enter droped cargo near the coastline.

- Language: Mixture beetween English and German after changing the language (noted by Foxman and wislor).

- HUD: Ship condition was also visible in in the land units HUD. Texts were mixed up.

- Sometimes when creating a new game the standard player names were not visible.

- Several bugfixes for creating a new game after another game was loaded or played. Many variables were not resetet.

- When a ship enters a city while on automatic movement and had some movement points left, the next unit in the game was "teleported"

  into the ships cargohold. Very annoying bug, very hard to find.

- Healthbar was shown for killed units.

- Horses could not move sometimes.

- Loading a tradeunit with goods. It was possible to load 0 goods and then the cargohold was blocked by this 0 goods.

- Presets showed wrong numbers of players.



- Combat: Soldiers can not split themself into weaker units. This functionality could be used to cheat colonists.



- Building Images for Marketplace, College and University

- Combat: Civil units from other players can be captured by combat units. But be careful, the combat unit will switch position with

  the captured unit...that may move you directly into the frontline or into another bad position.

- Combat: Combat with artillery and damaged artillery is possible now.

- Combat: An Artillery attack only cost one movement point, regardless of the terrain.

  So they may have one movement point left and could retreat from an open fight that they would lose. Artillery has a very weak defense.

- Extension of mouse-over explanations in the city screen.

- Sound: Artillery fireing, used for combat.

- Sound: Combat sound for dragoons.

- Sound: Compatibility mode for sound in the option-screen. Enable it if you can not hear any sound in the game.

  This is because your VBR was moved to another address, then the PTPlayer.Library won´t work :-(

  With the compatibility mode enabled you still can not hear music, but the sound effects.

- Chip-Mem detection. If you have less then 1 MB of free Chip-Mem the game will not play any music or sound effect.


- Combat: Battle results are now less random.

- Capturing horses does not cost all units movements points anymore.

- Combat: Capturing tamed horses from other players does not cost all units movements points anymore.

- Combat: Dragoons and veteran dragoons now have much more combat strength but defender gets more defense bonus in difficult terrain

  (e.  g. swamp, hills, forest). And dragoons will not have a defense bonus in such a terrain. The are only very strong on plain terrain.

- Combat: Some unit descriptions were wrong.


- Shipwrecks were too often empty.

- Wrong player name was shown after switching to the next player and his first unit moved automaticly (Noted by tester Yakari3).

- The music did not stop completely when it was turned off, the last sound continued uninterrupted.

- Saveing/Loading units.

- After capturing an enemy unit the game switched to the next unit, even if the selected unit still had movement points left.

- Wrong player colors for artillery and supply wagon in the city production screen.

- Combat: Dead units were able to grant flanking- or to support-bonus.

- Combat: Soldiers and armies could have been splited when the had only one musket left.

- Settlerhouse 8 in the city-screen was drawn to the wrong tile.

- Game crashed if a combat land unit tried to move onto an ocean tile.



- Healthy combat units (soldiers and armies) can split into weaker combat units (an army will split into two soldiers, etc.).

- A small graph effect...but i won´t tell about ;-)


- Saveing/Loading units. Completely rewritten....probably still bugged. Saveing/Loading is much slower now.


- A huge amount of fixes due to the new graphics system.

- Graphic bug with some of the mountain tiles.



- Sound: Muskets fireing, used for combat.


- Combat: Flanking bonus for attacking units.

- Combat: Support bonus for defending units.

- HUD: Unit description is shown(suggested by tester Klaus).

- HUD: Cargoholds are shown.

- Sound: Bell rings if it is next players turn.

- Combat System still Work-In-Progress.

- Reworked tile images for Dryland-Forest and Grassland.

- Sound: New sounds for horses.

- Ships could not unload units to tiles where the movement costs where > 1 when they only had 1 movement point left.

- Ships could switch position with land units and vice versa.

- Expert-Quarrymen had the wrong image.

- Infobox for soldiers destroying a road had the wrong size.

- Due to changes in the graphics system, the game crashed as soon as the city production selection window was opened in an advanced city.

- Player color on a button in the map generation screen was not correct after selecting a custom start position (found by tester Klaus).

- Several bugs in the job-selection window in the city-screen.

- Unit image scaling bug in the city trade-area, due to the new graphics system.



- Enemy Privateers does not have a player color marker anymore.


- OK button was not visible / had wrong image.

- Only one ingame music title was played.



- Work on the menu for map generation continues.


- Unit HUD now shows information if a tile has a road or is plowed.

- Units need slightly less memory when the game is saved.



- Work on the menu for map generation continues.


- Loading / Saving now uses Run-Lengh-Encoding for a smaller savefile size.

  Before a savefile was 450 kb in size, not it has a size of 260 kb.


- Waving city flag of another players city was visible on the map, even when the
  player had not discovered this city.

- Fixed several bugs in the menu GUI.



- Work on the menu for map generation continues.

- Added button to continue the last saved game.


- Now a map has start positions for all players, even when there is only one

  active player. This is because any map can be used/saved as preset map.


- Timing problem with decision buttons.

- Timing problem with Yes/No buttons.

- Player colors can be used for more than one player.

- Graphical glitches in the main menu screen.

- Graphical glitches in the map generation screen.

- Several problems with the player worldmaps.



- Work on the main menu continues.

- Menu for map generation.


- Complete rework of the calculation of player start positions.

  Many more valid start positions are now recognized.
  If no valid start position can be found, a random start position is tried to be found.



- Work on the main menu continues.

- Menu for player setup.

- Menu for map generation.



- Work on the main menu continues.

- Menu for player setup.



- Work on the main menu has started.



- Wagontrains and Handcarts could not catch wild horses.



- Flag Animation for cities.


- More work on the building/unit jobsystem.


- City grow does not create new colonist unit sometimes.



- "Mouse-over effect" for displaying building names at the top of the city screen.


- Started a full rework of the building/unit jobsystem. This became necessary because the original system was not well designed.


- Ship- and Wagontrains could be placed as (invisible) workers in city production buildings.

- A Settler house in the city screen was drawed to the wrong position.

- A free colonist never lost his previously acquired skills when he was assigned as a Pioneer.



- Image to show when the player found an shipwreck.



- Image to show when the player found an abandoned settlement.


- City graphics was sometimes wrong on the map.



- If a players unit is defeated/killed the unit will be visible as grey icon until its player got an info about his loss, or the

  next turn started.

- Ship can dump their cargo into the sea. It is lost forever, but the ship no longer gets a weight penalty in battles.
  So before a naval battle, it can make sense to get rid of your cargo to be able to survive an attack.

- In abandoned settlements sometimes survivors can be found which wants to join you.

  With a little luck a specialist or soldier is there. Even an small artillery can be found.


- When moving an unit from a ship directly into an abandoned settlement, it was not marked as "discovered".

- Save-/Load-bug when a unit was marked to kill in the next turn.

- Bandits could not move after loading a savefile.

- Bandits never attacked a players unit.

- Sometimes ships could not search wrecks.

- Sometimes units could not be loaded on ships.



- New non player unit: Bandits

  Bandits are able to attack the players units.

- New unit: Cargo Cart (for disposable use only)

- Units can now find abandoned settlements and ship wrecks on the map.

  With luck they can find some valuable goods there. A small handcart will spawn there to transport the goods.

  If they are unlucky bandits will spawn there.  

- Tile graphics for abandoned settelments.

- Tile graphics for ship wrecks.


- A unit can always leave a city, even if there are no moving points left (it will get one moving point).

  This was done, because it was annoying to wait for a turn to send the unit out of this city after the loading/unloading has taken.



- Citizens in a city can now upgrade from the Workers-Class to the Aristocrats-Class.


- Citizens happiness in a city is only visible when the happiness window is selected. Was too confusing before.


- A lot of work was done on the happiness system for the cities citizens.



- If a unit is killed by a unit of another player or wild animals after the players turn, now he gets an info about what happend.
- Unit infos now can show a picture from the extra graphics (if the used Amiga has enough ChipMem...).

- Created screen and keyboard/mouse input for the comming election screen.


- Due to accidentally deleted program parts, the Kraken could never attack ships.

- Millitary units could not be placed into the city defense. Only worker units without combat skills.

- Millitary units could not be handled using the job-window in the city-screen.

- Millitary buildings did not produce defense values.

- Millitary units could not become normal colonists when using the job-window in the city-screen.

- Soldiers could not became a dragoon when using the job-window in the city-screen, even if there where enough horses in the stable.

- Scouts could not become a dragoon when using the job-windows in the city-screen, even if they where enough muskets in storage.

- Fixed the colors of some unit graphics.

- Fixed the colors of some terrain graphics.



- Image for public executing (hanging) of a political opponent.

- Image for murdering a political opponent.


- After disbanding an unit the HUD still showed information about it.

- A new political opponent always belongs to the settler class, and never to the worker or aristocrats class.



- Player info when an election is beeing held next year (via log-screen and player-info).

- Player can click on the next-election info to switch to the government screen.


- Tile graphics for forests.


- In the log-screen the goto-event click was not possible when a unit was selected.



- Buttons for unit actions like building a road, founding a city, pillaging, disband unit.

  Until now this actions have been only possible by pressing a key on the keyboard.


- Overflow when calculating the number of citizens.



- Information about citizens happiness in the government info screen.


- Food for breeding horses was consumed even if there were no horses in the city.

- The job selection window for working colonists in the city showed wrong values for estimated tile production.

- Sometimes unit where not visible on the map after leaving a city.

- After a city was renamed the former name was still used for older log-entries.



- Government info screen (mostly empty for now).

- First steps to declare a republic.



- Tile graphics for hills.

- Tile graphics for mountain forest (i was not happy with the result of the last update).

- Tile graphics for palm trees.



- Workers now have basic needs. They needs fabrics and rum or tobaccopipes every turn to be happy.

- Infotext when a map is loading or saving. So the player knows that he has to be patient.


- Player worldmaps will now be saved and must not be drawn again after loading a savefile.

  Loading/saving a game will take some more seconds, but it is still much faster an a slow Amiga as before.

- Removed screenshot function to save some memory.


- Wrong colors in the decision window when a unit wants to enter a city.

- Not enough ore in mountain forest tiles.



- Tile graphics for mountain forests and coldland forest.

- Graphics for the blacksmith building.


- Added:

- Made a nice fade-in / fade-out effect when a player ends his turn.



- Full rework of the log-screen which is showing the last game events. Drawing the bitmap font is much faster now.

  Removed nearly all string operations.


- Sometimes it was not possible to click an event on the log-screen and jump its map position.

- Citizens consumed too much food in some situations (still has some bugs...).

- Sometimes cities were abandoned even though there were still enough citizens and food.

- The backspace key in user-input windows was not working.

- A trading unit could not be loaded with goods from a city when using a user defined amount of goods.

- A trading unit could not load its goods into a city storage when using a user defined amount of goods.



- Input box for numbers (e. g. for loading a trading unit) can now be closed with a mouseclick on the OK-button.

- Work-In-Progress: City screen will not be completly updated/redrawn after every user mouseclick.


- Due to the font changes, the tile-info screen was not working anymore. Changed color palettes for all tile-info images.

- Some city resources could became negative values, when settlers leveled up to the worker class.

- Centered font was not displayed correctly.



- New house for the worker class.


- Map drawing speed increased a little bit, when a lot of unknown tiles are visible.



- To build a new town a pioneer now need tools.


- Reduced fonts to three different machen font colors for faster drawing (needed to change my color palette).

- Fonts are now saved as a 4-colour bitmap to speed up font drawing, amount of fonts reduced to three.

- Made some graphical adjustments in the city production window.


- Wagontrains and ships can´t be a used as a production worker anymore.



- Reduced the needed memory by 10kb by deleting a not used array.


- Unloading cargo to the city storage fixed.

- Workers became an expert or master of the wrong type.

- Teacher could have more than one students.

- Unit sometimes became unvisible after using all movement points.
- Unit was able to walk with zero movement points.

- The tile info screen shows the ocean copper bars on slow loading Amigas.



- First image for an aristocrats house.

- Experts or Masters can teach other workers if there is a school in town.


- Fabrics and horses could not be loaded to a trading unit.

- Textinput when changeing city name on slow Amigas does not flicker anymore.

- Numberinput when loading/unloading trading units does not flicker anymore.

- Loading cargo to a trade unit fixed.

- Colonist can not longer be a teacher. Only Experts or Masters.



- Working units now earns skill points with their work.

- Working units on raw materials can become a master or expert in it´s job.


- Increased movement points for all land units to have a faster gameplay.

- Less food is needed for new citizens to have a faster gameplay.


- Unit movement on roads costs too much movement points.


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